Something about Simon

Simon Kornelis hasn't grown up yet but he's one hell of a songwriter.  After travelling around the world, Simon has grown into a proficient guitar player and singer, capable of holding an audience captive.  Born in Kitsap County, Washington, Simon is more comfortable West of Seattle, but has to live each day staring at the Olympic Mountains from Seattle windows and streets.  His songs are true and light, written for his friends with love and longing, often from far away parts of the world. 

  Train Songs EP features four of Simon's newest compositions, written over 2 months while traveling by train from Vladivostock, Russia to Den Hagge, Netherlands.  They are a small sample of sixteen recordings done over two days in Bell Creek Studios, Mt. Baker, the home of Michael Iris, who recorded, engineered and graciously hosted Simon.  Please look for Simon's first full length release from these sessions soon.


Simon enjoys guitars, beer and a good grill.